Snow Storm White Bean Soup

Here’s an idea: The less pleasant you think the next day’s weather is going to be, the more servings of soup you should prep the night before. NYC was hit pretty hard this week by the blizzard. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the first times the city has announced a snow day a full day before the snow started to fall. Similarly, I declared Wednesday ‘Soup Day’ in my apartment.

There are several good vendors of beans and grains in the NYC area. I’ve started buying whatever beans are available knowing that they keep for a very long time dry. The local beans taste far richer than most of the supermarket varieties and have a great flavor for hearty, winter dishes. Because of the forecast, I soaked about half a pound of white beans in water overnight. I also thawed around 2 quarts of chicken stock that I had made a few days earlier from a very good chicken carcass from Flying Pigs (They mostly do pork which is good because otherwise that would be an odd name for a chicken farm). I also knew I had a few leaves of collard greens left as well which would add a little color. This is a good soup to add leftovers to. Extra veggies, potatoes, a small amount of meat, or even some fish or shellfish would be great.

White Bean Soup

Soak around 2 cups of white beans in warm water in a pot overnight

In the morning, add a sprinkling of salt to the water and simmer the beans on low for 2 hours or so or until tender

Strain and add cooked beans to 6 cups of chicken or vegetable stock

Chop 3 large collard green leaves and add to soup

Simmer for 20 minutes and salt and pepper to taste

You might also add a splash of vinegar here for some acidity. If you want, puree the soup and add a drizzle of heavy cream or half and half.

Serve with a piece of bread.

Stay warm and look out the window.

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