Any squid eaters out there?

I’ve noticed beautiful squid at the market these days and we’ve been making some great, simple dishes. Any other fans? Calamari? Squid with pasta? Stuffed with short ribs? Anything sound yummy?

4 thoughts on “Any squid eaters out there?

  1. I love freshly made calamari! I lightly dust with a flour breading. Then make a marinara sauce from my tomato sauce I made and canned from my super sweet heirloom tomatoes last summer. I use garlis and extra virgin olive oil with my canned sauce for a super sweet and lovely marinara sauce to go with my fried calamari. YUMMMMM.

  2. Saw a great looking (haven’t tried it yet) Calamari past recipe in this month’s bon appetit that I want to try – coat calamari rings in flour/cornstarch mix, s&p, cayenne and fry; cook pasta and toss with reserved pasta water, butter, parsley, s&p and lemon juice, top with fried calamari, more lemon juice and parsley to taste.

  3. HI Jeremy
    I just saw Anne Burrell stuff a squid with spinach, cheese and the bodies of a few more squid, then braise the little guys in a tomato sauce. We’re going to try it. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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