Sunshine State Locavore

Sunshine State Locavore

There has certainly been some sunshine in New York lately but more often, there has been ice, cold wind, and heated conversations about whether it’s better for sanitation workers to be hauling snow or garbage.

So I’m happy to be working in Florida for a couple months. In some ways, the farmers markets here offer a preview of what the Northeast can expect in a few months (I’ve already seen great tomatoes and cucumbers). But the markets here also offer ingredients that the Northeast will simply never be able to provide (like citrus and grouper) unless there is some very serious climate change. I’d rather not think about that right now.

So for the next couple months, I’ll be joining my southern readers in exploring the local foods of this fertile and, at least now, warmer part of the country than I’m used to. To those of you who live in Florida or the surrounding areas, I look forward to hearing about the local producers you respect and hearing more about what you like to do with their products.

As far as snow goes, I haven’t seen any. I have seen pelicans though. They have much larger beaks than pigeons.

4 thoughts on “Sunshine State Locavore

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  2. Hi Jeremy,
    I really like your site, well done! Looking forward to reading more abot your travels through the US while visiting different Farmer’s Markets and your finds along the way.

    Thank you for supporting my business and I hope you are enjoying the Marco Del Buon Trombone Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    Krisitne Insalaco

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